To find out the truth, the Public Prosecutor is forming a new investigation team for the Regeni case


Mohamed Faraj:

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Wednesday 15 January 2020 – 4:27 PM
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Wednesday 15 January 2020 – 4:30 PM

The Attorney General, Counselor Hamada El-Sawy and the Egyptian investigation team in the case of the death of the Italian citizen “Giulio Regeni” met with a number of Italian investigators, and announced the formation of a new investigation team that is studying and arranging the case papers and working on taking all the necessary investigation procedures “to clarify the truth in complete neutrality and independence.”

In a statement today, the Public Prosecution pointed out the continuation and development of judicial cooperation between the Egyptian Public Prosecution and the Public Prosecution in Rome, with a view to reaching the truth objectively and completely completely away from what is circulated in the media of false information on the case.

The prosecution stated that the Egyptian investigation team heard during the joint meetings that took place during the fourteenth and fifteenth of January this year, the visions of the Italian investigators, and the exchange of information and views, pointing out that the two parties agreed on the continuation of fruitful judicial cooperation between the two prosecutions and the implementation of each aspect of all investigative procedures. Required from the other side while respecting the laws of both countries.

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