Today … President Sisi opens the largest naval air base in the Middle East and the first of its kind on Egyptian soil


Today, Wednesday, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi will witness the opening of the Bernice base, which is the largest naval air base in the Middle East and the Red Sea sector, and the first of its kind on Egyptian soil.

The opening of the base will be attended by high-ranking officials, Arab defense ministers and a number of diplomatic figures.The President witnesses the launching of the main activity of the largest maneuvers in the history of the Egyptian army (Qadir 2020) from the new “Al-Joubhariyah” base, where the most important new pieces of warfare including the Mistral helicopters, combat ships, submarines, amphibious landing forces, and various types of multirole fighters and attack helicopters are participating. Air Force. ”

The “Pyramids Gate” details the details of the “Bernice” rule and its importance in the following lines:

It is located on the Red Sea in southeastern Egypt, and it is adjacent to the Bernice Airport

Before the inauguration of the Bernice base, the main naval base of the Egyptian naval forces on the Red Sea was the Safaga base, which is the headquarters of the Egyptian Southern Fleet Command, and there are no other bases except the Suez base in the north. Therefore, it was necessary to have another base in the south to relieve pressure from the Safaga base, and to ensure an additional capacity to secure and protect the Egyptian southern coasts, and to be a closer starting point to the south of the Red Sea for the units of the southern fleet.

– This base is considered within a set of new rules implemented by the General Command of the Armed Forces under a presidential directive to secure Egypt’s strategic borders and secure vital goals.

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