Today … Prince Harry is taking part in the first public event since the royal secession


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Prince Harry appears for the first time, today, Thursday, on a public occasion after the Queen Elizabeth, the British Queen, responded to the desire of her grandson and American wife Megan, to abandon their official duties and look to a more independent future from the royal family.

Harry, the sixth in the ranking of the throne, is hosting the Rugby World Cup match taking place next year at Buckingham Palace, on his last mission, before he and Megan begin a “transition period”, in preparation for their new lives.

Last week, Harry, 35, and his wife, former actress Megan, 38, sparked a crisis by announcing their desire to reduce their royal duties, spend more time in North America, and achieve financial independence.

Royal sources said that the announcement surprised the rest of the family and left the Queen disappointed and disappointed. A friend of Harry and Megan said that the couple feel forced to move away.

After a family summit, on Monday, in Sandringham, attended by Elizabeth and Harry and his older brother Prince William and his father, Prince Charles, it was agreed that the couple would divide their time between Britain and Canada.


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