Today … the funeral of actress Nadia Rafik at the Syriac Catholic Church in Heliopolis


Father Boutros Daniel, head of the Catholic Center for Cinema, revealed that The condolences of the late actress Nadia Rafik will take place this evening To start at six oclock until ten oclock, in the Syriac Catholic Church next to the Forest Club in Heliopolis. Fadil Kurdi, son of actress Nadia Rafeeq, had announced the death of his mother via his personal Facebook page, at the age of 84, and the funeral took place today, Friday, in the Syriac Church in Heliopolis, on Mohamed Shafik Street, next to El Ghaba Club.

The son of the late actress wrote, “My mother completed … Mama Nana as they call her grandchildren … or motherhood as some know her … The able artist Nadia Rafeeq completed her worldly mission towards her children and grandchildren and her loved ones in the best way and left the land of misery to the highest paradise … pray to us Hey Mom“.

Father Boutros Daniel, head of the Catholic Center for Cinema, mourned through his personal account on the social networking site “Facebook” the late artist, saying: “Eternal comfort, give it to you, O Lord, and your permanent light, so that it lights for it and rest in a secure peace.”

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