“Today’s costume” .. The death of the artist Muhammad Abdul Quddus


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In Abdel Halim’s song he sings, “My master, your command, sir.” Many saw this artist in a movie but some of them do not know his name. In the village of Al-Salihiya, in the east of the governorate family and his father is a graduate of Al-Azhar Mosque.

“Abdel-Quddous” graduated from the Engineering School and worked as an engineer for roads and bridges, then he met the pioneer of the Egyptian press, artist Fatima Al-Youssef (Rosalyousef). Art is a theater actor and author, then he got acquainted with Naguib Al-Rihani and joined the Society of Actors. Then he went to the cinema for the first time in 1932 in the movie “The White Rose” with Mohamed Abdel-Wahab and Suleiman Najib. Tears of Love ”and“ Long live love ”,“ A bullet in the heart ”,“ I am free ”, and“ The secret of the energy of concealment ”and“ Nights of Love ”with Abdel-Halim Hafez, married“ Rosalyousef ”and gives birth to his only son, the great writer Ihsan Abdel-Quddous, returned to his job Once again, until “Today’s dress” died.


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