Tokyo dream .. Learn about the hand team’s chances of qualifying for the Olympics


04:40 PM

Saturday 25 January 2020

Muhammad Allam wrote:

The Egyptian team not only aims to compete for the continental title, after it qualified for the final confrontation in the African Handball Championship, which is currently held in Tunisian territory, but also sets its sights on ensuring a direct card to the Olympic Games hosted by the Japanese capital Tokyo this year.

Egypt qualified for the African Handball Championship final, after beating Algeria 30-27, and the Egyptians have two chances to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

On the other hand, the European Nations Handball Championship, which qualifies for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, is held, and the Spanish team qualified for the European Championship final to face Croatia, giving its Egyptian counterpart a valuable gift in the event that the latter lost the African championship to Tunisia and lost the opportunity to qualify directly for the Olympics, to take part in the global qualifiers for the Olympics. .

In the event that the Egyptian team goes to the global qualifying campaign, it will be in the first group for the qualifiers for the Tokyo Olympics, and in theory it is the easiest group compared to the second and third groups, where the first group will include Norway, the second world with the eighth world (the Egyptian team is in the qualifying competition), Chile and Korea Southern.

While the second group of the world Olympics qualifiers includes France from the third world and the sixth or seventh world (the loser from the European Nations final between Spain and Croatia) and the fifth European continent Portugal with the second Africa, and the third group includes Germany, Sweden and Slovenia third or fourth Europe with the third black continent .

In the event that the Egyptian team is present in the Olympics World Qualifiers, it will compete with one team of European giants, Norway, which secures its chances to qualify for Tokyo 2020, while the second and third groups include two European teams of the old giants of the continent.

The world qualifiers for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 will be held next April and will be held between 12 teams divided into three groups, each group includes 4 teams, and these qualifiers will be held in three countries, namely Norway, France and Sweden,

Two teams from each group will qualify to complete the contract for the qualified teams to the Olympics, bringing the number of qualified to 12 teams, and the countries that hold the positions from 2 to 7 in the World Cup held recently in Germany and Denmark, will participate in the world preliminaries if they do not succeed in qualifying directly for the Olympics.

3 teams qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, who are Denmark, world champion, Argentina, South America and Bahrain, the Asian qualifiers champion, next to Japan, the host country of the Olympic Games. The European and African champions will qualify directly to the Olympics

In the following report, we show you Egypt’s chances of qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The easiest way

Egypt’s victory over Tunisia in the match that will take place between them in the African Handball Final, will give the Pharaohs to qualify for the Olympics directly without waiting for the World Olympic qualifiers.

Egypt’s direct qualification will give the Olympiad an opportunity for his Brazilian counterpart to compete in the global qualifiers for the Olympics, as she will be the ninth world in the first group with both Chile and South Korea.

While Tunisia will go to the world preliminaries and will be in the second group that includes with both France and the loser from the European final between Spain and Croatia, and Portugal, whether fifth or sixth in the European Championship, this group will be held in the French capital Paris next April.

The third brown continent, to which Algeria and Angola are competing, will be in the third group of world preliminaries to be held in Germany. This group will include with them Sweden, the fifth world and the Slovenian national team, whether third or fourth in the European Handball Championship.

The second way of the Olympics

In the event that Egypt lost to Tunisia in the African Handball Championship final, Tunisia will qualify directly to the Tokyo Olympics, while Egypt will enter the world preliminaries.

Egypt has guaranteed the presence in the first group of world qualifiers for the Olympics, which will be held in Norway during the month of April, and the Pharaohs will be present as the eighth world without regard to being the second Africa, thanks to the qualification of the Spanish team to the European final.

Chile, representative of South America and South Korea, will be in the first group of qualifiers, with the second Asian qualifiers, after losing 29-34 to Bahrain, so that the Bahraini team qualifies directly for the Olympics.

Egypt’s loss to the African Championship will give the continent the opportunity to be present in the global qualifiers for the Olympics, with two teams, the third and fourth African championships, given the participation of the Pharaohs in the qualifiers as the eighth in the world.

Where will be the third Africa, which Algeria and Angola will compete in the second group of the World Qualifiers, which will be held in France, and this group will include with them the losers from the European Final between Spain, Croatia and Portugal.

While the fourth brown continent will be in the third group of qualifiers, which will be organized by Germany, and Sweden will be with them as the fifth world and Slovenia without looking at its position in the European Championship, whether third or fourth.


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