Tony Khalifa: If Nancy Ajram was killed on the stage, who bears the responsibility ?!


Imane Mandour In the news, celebrity life

Posted: Friday, January 24, 2020 – 18:43

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        Many criticisms were directed at the Lebanese media, Tony Khalife, after the episode he devoted to discussing and analyzing the issue of storming the house of actress Nancy Ajram, especially as some considered that he involved the family of the dead young man.<p>Also read: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Video- The dead wife: What would Nancy Ajram lack if my husband stole it !!</a>

Tony replied to these criticisms during his dialogue with the program “Et Arabic”, confirming that the campaign against him in favor of a certain team, pointing out that when he asked the dead father about the compensation that he would get from Nancy, it was not a matter of slander on him, he said, but he As a result of receiving a call before the episode confirms that everything said that the lawyers who defend the dead young man are donors, is not true.

On his accusation that he was not objective because Nancy and her husband did not host and put them under the same pressure that put the dead family on the air, Tony stressed that Nancy did not communicate with him before or after the episode at all, adding: “I assure you that he will not remain silent if I have information Or he would look up to the judiciary and say that he was the servant. He was the god of my destiny, with whom he worked and was deliberately killed.

On the accusations against Nancy and her husband of premeditated murder, without conclusive evidence so far, Tony said: “Today we accuse people of killing and an artist who looks at some theaters as much as his blood has been wasted, a maiden if she appears on a stage and she kills Nancy by bearing her blood ?!”

It is worth noting that the villa of the Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram in New Suhaila, Lebanon, was attacked by a person named Mohammed Hassan Musa, a Syrian, for the purpose of theft.

According to Lebanese media reports, the thief managed to sneak at night into the house carrying his pistol, by which he managed to remove three bodyguards for the house, as soon as he had fired the pistol on them, and he continued his walk inside the house, but he was surprised by her husband, Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem, and he declared his pistol in the face to happen Gunfire between the two parties resulted in the immediate death of the thief, and security forces, forensic evidence and investigations are under way.

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