Trezeguet: I turned down offers from major clubs in Italy to fulfill my dream


Aston Villa player, Mahmoud Hassan “Trezeguet”, and the Egyptian team said that he had rejected offers from major clubs in Italy because he dreamed of moving to the English Premier League.

Trezeguet said in an interview with “BN Sports” reported by the Turkish newspapers: “3 major clubs in Turkey asked for a contract with me, as there were offers from big Italian clubs, and the offers were great for me and the club, but my dream was to play in the English Premier League.”

Trezeguet moved to Aston Villa, England, last summer after spending two seasons in Qasim Pasha, Turkey, where he managed to appear well.

He continued: “After representing the Egyptian team and playing for the first team in Al-Ahly, I decided to play in the English Premier League, and now I have achieved my goal, and in the next I will try to reach a higher level.”

He added: “After the African Championship there was interest from two teams other than Aston Villa, and the performances were better but I know the history of Aston Villa, and how great it is, just as my friend Mohammedi plays Aston Villa.”

The Egyptian player continued: “Initially, Qasim Pasha had doubts about me, they were more dependent on elements coming from the English Premier League and Spain, and in return I was coming from an ordinary team in the Belgian League, I scored only 3 goals in the first round.”

“At the end of the season, I reached 16 goals, the club there believed in me, and Kamal Ozdiz (Athletic Director of Qasim Pasha) asked me personally to sign me permanently, and I managed to help the team and we achieved a position that the team had never achieved before.”


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