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Thursday January 23, 2020 – 11:30 PM
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Thursday January 23, 2020 – 11:30 PM

Hours after the Air Force One presidential plane arrived in Switzerland, where the Davos Forum, with the US President on board, will be holding trial sessions of Donald Trump.
The start of the trial last Tuesday coincided with the first days of Trump’s fourth year in office, and the first trial in history is for a president before him to run a second presidential election in the same trial year. This is also the trial of the third president in American history, and the first for a Republican president, as the two Democratic presidents have been tried before. Andrew Johnson in 1868 and President Bill Clinton 1998, in both cases the majority required to remove the president has not been achieved.
Trump faces two charges, the first relating to abuse of office powers when he called on Ukraine to investigate his Democratic political rival Joe Biden, and booked military aid as a lever, to harm a potential candidate in the presidential election, and the second related to accusations of obstructing congressional investigations that appeared in his refusal to provide documents related to the White House team The investigation, and his refusal to cooperate with senior aides in the investigations.
Supreme Court President John Roberts is leading the trial, a conservative judge appointed by former Republican President George W. Bush in 2005, and in spite of the functions and powers granted to the Vice President by the Constitution that made him Speaker, the Vice President has no right to participate or vote in the President’s trial, since There is a conflict of interest; the deputy becomes the new president if the incumbent president is convicted.
Two important dates are linked to the trial of President Trump, the first of which is related to the jury consisting of the 100 senators, and another related to President Trump, some members of the House of Democrats, specifically four of them, are competing for the party card for the presidential elections later this year, and members face Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Amy Klobuchar and Michael Bennett are the first primary elections, which will be witnessed by the state of Iowa on the third of next month.
On the other hand, President Trump is expected to deliver the State of the Union address on the following day, the fourth of February, which is the most important speech for the President and its importance is doubled in the presidential election year, and Trump wants to turn the page of the trial before this date.
Democratic candidates face the dilemma of wanting to quickly return to the race track with what it takes to hold electoral conferences and meet with the largest number of potential voters, and their desire for a long trial that drains President Trump, their opponent in the upcoming elections.
For his part, President Trump hopes to end his trial quickly so as not to interfere with the State of the Union speech, which he fears will cover the news of the trial itself if it is not completed before the date of the speech.
Trump has consistently described his trial as a “hoax and ghost hunt”, and has on several occasions attacked his isolation measures, calling it “the most unfair and unbalanced hearing in Congressional history.”
President Trump’s attorneys, Guy Ciccolo and Pat Sibolloni, believe that Democrats are launching a serious attack on the right of the Americans to freely choose their president, and the Trump defense team gave their official response to the House of Representatives accusations and pushed him to acquit Trump with the accusations against him, and stressed that he should not be removed from office as he Democrats are demanding, and Trump’s legal team’s response came in a 110-page memo in which they considered that the president’s trial constituted a “serious deviation from the constitution”, while Senate Majority President Mitch McConnell asserted on several occasions that he would not be neutral in the trial; since Washington’s Democrats were And m They are still seeking in every way to nullify the result of the 2016 elections, in which they have lost.
Republicans see an organized campaign against President Trump that began with his accession to the government over the rejection of a non-traditional, non-political president who votes for the marginalized Republican voter of Washington elites. Republicans call Robert Mueller’s investigations into Russia’s intervention and see the Ukraine issue as a new episode hostile to Trump who may have committed Violations, but at worst they do not call for his removal, as the Republicans depend that there are presidential elections after months, and Congress should let the people say their words about Trump’s future.
Republicans remain fully supportive of President Trump, whose condemnation in the Senate, and then his removal, requires a two-thirds majority. While Republicans have a majority of 53 seats compared to 47 for Democrats, it is difficult for a Republican Senator to vote to condemn and isolate Trump, the cost of taking On this big step, especially with the 25 Republican senators running in the elections in November, they desperately need the support of the president, especially in states where Trump has an overwhelming popularity such as the case of Senator Susan Coleen from Maine, and some have talked about some members who will not run in November. M like Senator Sarah Marcotsky of the state of Alaska and Senator Mitt Romney and the state of Utah, but they also do not want to antagonize a popular base for supporting Trump, in addition to the desire of some to assume senior positions in the event of Trump re-election management.
The American people stand bewildered amid an unprecedented division and sharp polarization between supporters and enemies of President Trump that prompted close proportions with and against the trial, and repeated opinion polls indicate a popular desire to end the Trump trial and pay attention to the real issues facing the United States, and it is too early to judge Trump’s opportunities, but History testifies that in cases of failed isolation attempts, the president gains widespread popular sympathy, but in the current severe polarization it is difficult to predict the election results and the impact of the trial on the chances of Trump’s election at this early time.
A journalist writes from Washington

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