Trump’s first comment on the announcement of an agreement on the Renaissance Dam


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A White House spokesman said President Donald Trump spoke by phone with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed and expressed optimism about reaching an agreement on the Renaissance Dam that would benefit all parties.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that after rounds of arduous and arduous negotiations between the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Water Resources in Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia under the auspices of the United States of America and the participation of the World Bank, the most recent of which was a four-day round of negotiations that took place in Washington from 28 to 31 January 2020, A joint statement was issued by the three countries, indicating that the ministers reached an agreement on the following topics: A schedule that includes a plan for filling the Renaissance Dam in stages.

The mechanism that includes procedures for dealing with droughts, protracted droughts, and scarce years during filling.

The mechanism includes procedures for dealing with droughts, protracted droughts, and scarce years during operation.

The ministers also agreed on the importance of completing negotiations and reaching an agreement on the mechanism of operating the Renaissance Dam during normal hydrological conditions, the coordination mechanism to monitor and follow up on the implementation of the agreement, the exchange of data and information, and the dispute resolution mechanism, as well as addressing issues of dam safety and completing studies on the environmental and social impacts of the Renaissance Dam.

The ministers assigned the technical and legal committees to continue the meetings in Washington to finalize the agreement, provided that the ministers of foreign affairs and water resources of the three countries meet again in Washington on 12 and 13 February 2020 to approve the final version of the agreement in preparation for signing it at the end of February 2020.

This, and the American side has prepared a document of agreement on these three issues referred to above, and Egypt only signed it at the end of the session.

Egypt expressed its appreciation and appreciation for the role played by the American administration and the great attention paid by President Donald Trump in order to reach a comprehensive, fair and balanced agreement that would achieve the interests of the three countries on this vital issue that affects the entire region, especially the Egyptian people, who represent the Nile for him the lifeblood. Also, the tireless and appreciated effort made by the US Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin and his associate team in managing negotiating rounds and bringing the points of view between the three countries, as well as the President of the World Bank David Malpas and his supporting team, who participated and contributed to achieving this progress.

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