Try it and you will not regret it .. What happens when you put a garlic clove in the ear?


Many suffer Ear pain And its infections, it may cause not to sleep all night, and there are many reasons behindLam ear The most prominent are otitis media and the outer ear, and most of these problems are common in children.

Brightside advised, with a simple trick to reduce Ear pain And middle ear infections, through the use of garlic, and put it in the ear, although it is an odd experience, but it has effective positive effects for ear pain.

How to use garlic for the ear:

Put garlic cloves in sesame oil for an hour

Put the garlic clove in the ear and leave it for a quarter of an hour

Benefits of garlic for the ear:

For many years, garlic has been used as a natural means to relieve pain and prevent infections, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, and it also acts as a natural antiseptic against microbes and germs.

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