Turkey cannot fight Egypt


Yassin Aktai, adviser to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, That the Turkish military intervention in Libya Not for war.He claimed in an article on the website “Yeni Shafak Al-Turki” that the reasons for cooperation between Turkey andEgypt More than the causes of war and hostility.

He said: “When the media campaign in Egypt was talking about that Turkey Coming to Libya in order to fight Egypt, we said and we made it clear that Turkey cannot fight any Arab or Muslim country, on the contrary, it wants to stop that burning war in Libya, and more importantly, it came after an official invitation from a legitimate government “as he claimed .

He added, claiming that: “The motives for cooperation between Egypt and Turkey greatly outweighed themselves, the presence of motives to ignite a war between the two countries, and the Turkish-Libyan agreement in turn, restoring Egyptian rights within the borders of the exclusive economic region that had been lost due to the agreement between Egypt and Greece.”

He continued: “It is possible to go beyond that and ask this question, why is it not possible to conclude an agreement with Egypt as well, similar to the Libya agreement? An agreement of this kind in the eastern Mediterranean, between Turkey, Libya and Egypt, does not mean the promotion and protection of the rights of these peoples? Countries?”.

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