Turki Al Sheikh is undergoing serious surgery in New York today … Details


Turkish underwent The Sheikh, head of the entertainment authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, honorary president of Al-Ahly Club, for a surgery in New York to remove a tumor, and announced some time ago his illness and called on the masses to pray for him.

And Turki Al Sheikh announced yesterday morning About a new song coming out to Al Ahly soon.

Turki Al-Sheikh, through his own account on the social networking site Facebook, published the lyrics of the song, which came as follows:

Century Club is the number one in the whole world … Sincere fans of abandoning the entire stadium are fond of

The masters of Africa, and everywhere we have signs, the spirit of the red shirt is the secret of accomplishments

Everyone com and Al-Ahly com .. Al-Ahly is the club of stars

Always in my heart and flag in my hands .. I chant his name every day

Expand the champion who won the lady .. Al-Ahly is the club of the century, not any club

This comes cut


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