Turki Al-Sheikh pains him to undergo precision surgery in Europe


Turki Al-Sheikh pains him to undergo precision surgery in Europe

Chairman of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh

Artist Majed Al-Mohandes announced that the head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, went to Europe to perform an accurate surgery, without revealing its nature, and reports said that his pain extends from his head to his feet.

The engineer said during his speech after being honored by the authority, during his party yesterday evening, Friday, that he called the counselor Turki Al Sheikh minutes before his ascent to the theater and he was the head of the entertainment authority at the time of his entry to the operating room to perform accurate surgery in one of the European countries.

The engineer added, “Before I came, I contacted Abu Nasser, may God return him to safety, and he told me that he will enter the operating room, and, God willing, may God return him to safety.”

The artist did not explain the nature of the Sheikh’s surgical operation, but reports stated that a medical team from Europe and America supervised his health. She emphasized that the head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority suffers from intermittent bleeding, irregular sleep, and poor blood pumping to the legs and feet, in addition to following a tumor in the head located close to the gland, and that doctors see the need for surgical intervention at the current stage.

Press sources indicated that Al Sheikh, he left the Kingdom late to the treatment trip because of his busy preparation for the Riyadh season and the activities of the entertainment agency, which met with great success, and hosted dozens of the most prominent stars in various fields.

The General Entertainment Authority, headed by Al-Sheikh, honored the artist Majed Al-Muhandis, on the sidelines of his big singing concert at the Mohammed Abdo Theater in Riyadh, within his night that bore the name “The Night of Sinbad”, which is the last legend nights concert organized by the Riyadh season in the Kingdom.

The ceremony was presented by the Lebanese media engineer, Majed Nishan. The honor was given to the Iraqi artist, head of the communications sector at the Entertainment Authority, Ahmed Al Mohammadi, on behalf of Turki Al Sheikh, and a “shield” was engraved on his name.

Source: “The Egyptians” + social media


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