Turki Al-Sheikh responds to Al-Ahly’s statement


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Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh issued a response to Al-Ahly’s statement regarding the club’s honorary presidency, stating:

“Dear Brother / Mahmoud Al-Khatib and his esteemed Board of Directors .. It hurt me what my relationship with the Al-Ahly Club went through and the management of my beloved audience for nearly a year and a half. In line with the principles of the club and the vision of its board of directors, as the honorary presidency of the Al-Ahly Club is a great honor, but a greater responsibility and no room for the signature again. To the loyal fans of Al-Ahly, I am happy to join your ranks and serve our club in a way that suits the traditions of Al-Ahly, taking into account the interdependence and brotherhood between two brotherly countries the size of Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Pray for me because I need your prayers.


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