Twitter allows users to send bitcoin for the first time


Press reports revealed that the Twitter platform allowed for the first time to send its users money to each other, as “Times News Now” pointed out that “Twitter” has provided a new payment feature that allows users to send money to each other. Using the Bitcoin digital currency as a method of direct payment between users.

Twitter will assist in carrying out these tasks, the Square Financial Services Company, which focuses on commercial services and mobile payment services, and this decision is a strong revival of Twitter for Bitcoin digital currency.

“Bitcoin will one day be the Internet’s currency, and we will merge cryptocurrency payments online,” said Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO.

Dorsey said he hopes that activating this feature will increase the spread of Bitcoin on the continent of Africa.

And Dorsey expected that this service would be ready to be officially launched in mid-2020.

Noteworthy, Twitter is also testing a feature that allows other users to be banned from responding to your tweets, as the social networking giant revealed its presence. CES The largest consumer electronics show in Las Vegas announced a new feature to share the conversation on a tweet, using four reply settings, and the different options will allow people to reply or block reply to the tweet.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, these options include the option of making it possible for anyone to reply, restricting responses to people you follow or mention in the tweet, or you will only let these people be able to comment and mention them in the settings list, or that you set The last setting that blocks all notes.

Despite what Twitter said, the feature is important to end phishing on the platform, only those present at CES They asked how the wrong information would be revealed if the user was preventing others from responding.


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