“Twitter” and “Facebook” in China are for diplomats and officials only



Officials in China have decided to abolish the ban on the use of foreign social media platforms, by Chinese government officials and diplomats, while keeping it for citizens.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman, Jing Shuang, said in a statement on Monday that his country had removed the ban on the use of social platforms, such as “Facebook” and “Twitter”.

He noted that the abolition of the ban includes state officials and diplomats, not ordinary citizens.

He explained that “Beijing aims through this step to introduce Chinese policies and communicate with people abroad, well.”

He added: “We want to enhance our communication on the international scene using social media platforms … We manage the use of the Internet in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country.”

It is reported that China bans the use of foreign social media platforms, and it is compensated by local platforms by WeChat and Weibo.

Source: Agencies

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