Twitter CEO: We will not give our site users the service to edit their tweets


Twitter users have always been asking for the option to adjust their tweets since they started the service in 2006, but the company has always said that it was studying the problem, or thinking about it deeply, until Twitter CEO Jacques Dorsey came out and said that the most specific answer to this question so far is ” No “means that there will be no feature to edit tweets.

According to theverge, This is not surprising, despite the fact that Twitter users have been asking for this for a long time, but the company has always been contradictory, claiming that it is considering appeasing users, but does not actually commit to any reform, and the company always explains that the amendment feature “is not one of our priorities”

During a video in which he appeared, Dorsey said, “We started as a text message SMS And the texting service, as you all know, when sending a text message, you can’t really restore it. “” We wanted to keep that feeling in the early days. “

Some interpreted the word Dorsey, when he said, “Maybe we will never do that,” that the matter may carry the possibility of amendment in the future.

Jack Dorsey
Jack Dorsey

It is reported that Twitter allowed for the first time its users to send money to each other, as “Times News Now” pointed out that “Twitter” has provided a new payment feature that allows users to send money to each other, and the “Pay Twitter” technology uses the digital currency. Bitcoin “as a direct payment method between users.

Twitter will assist in carrying out these tasks, the Square Financial Services Company, which focuses on commercial services and mobile payment services, and this decision is a strong revival of Twitter for Bitcoin digital currency.

“Bitcoin will one day be the Internet’s currency, and we will merge cryptocurrency payments online,” said Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO.


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