Two Syrian documents from Aleppo and Eastern Ghouta in the list of nominations for “Oscar 2020”


The Syrian director, Waad Al-Khatib, published on her personal account on the platform “Instagram” a clip, today, Monday, showing the joy of the movie “To Sama”, the moment of the announcement of his nomination to the Oscars 2020 for its 92nd session.

“Thank you to everyone who opened his home to me and to my wife, and to all who helped us and overwhelmed us with his love, the long way from Aleppo 2011 to the team that came with us today,” wrote Waed, entitled “Thank you!”

The announcement of the American Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Image included the list of candidates for the award for the best documentary or long documentary film, who are competing for the Oscar Awards 2020, as the list included two films that represent the Arab world in general and Syria and what it has been exposed to, in the last decade, in particular, namely, “The Cave” And “To Sama.”

The film “To Sama” takes place in the city of Aleppo, where she documents, and Al-Khatib promised, with her lens, five years of destruction at the hands of the Syrian regime forces and his military machine, as well as her personal story where she meets the doctor, Hamza Al-Khatib, and marries him, where the film succeeded in harvesting 44 international awards during 2019, including the Golden Eye award from the Cannes International Film Festival, as the best independent film, and the best documentary at the Independent Film Awards in Britain.

In this context, the movie “The Cave”, which revolves around a Syrian underground hospital, is the second film that is also nominated for an Oscar.

The film takes place in the Eastern Ghouta area of ​​Damascus, during the bombardment by the Syrian regime forces, where filming lasted for two years until 2018, and its hero, the young doctor “Amani”, who was elected by the hospital staff to his administration, to become responsible for the medical staff and the health of all the people of Ghouta.

The film was produced by the National Geographic Foundation, and won nine other international awards, most notably the Best Documentary Film Award at Valladolid International Film Festival 2019.

It is worth noting that several Syrian activists expressed their joy that the two films reached the short list nominated by the Oscars, as they highlight, once again, violations of the Syrian regime in general, and the use of chemical weapons against civilians in particular.

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