Two Syrian films compete for Oscar “Best Documentary”


Two Syrian films managed to reach the final list of Academy Awards, and compete for the best documentary Oscar.

On Monday, the tenth of February, the names of the films and actors nominated for the competition will be announced on the tenth of February.

In the rating of “Best Documentary”, he nominated a movie “For Sama” by Khatib’s promise, and “The Cave” by Faras Fayyad, by Oscar for Best Documentary.

The film, Al-Khatib, talks about her experiences, observations and documentation of what is happening in besieged Aleppo, her birth of her child and her suffering from the conditions of bombing, the siege and then displacement, and it provides a distinct summary of the causes and beginnings of the Syrian revolution and how the regime suppresses the Syrians.

As for Fayyad’s film, it highlights the life of a Syrian doctor working in an underground hospital in Eastern Ghouta.

And last year, among the five names competing for the Oscars was the Syrian movie, which sparked a great controversy “About Parents and Children” by Talal Derky, and the award went to the end of the American movie “Free Solo”.


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