Uncovering the circumstances of the death of the Syrian artist Mahmoud Bilal in the scenes of the filming “Bride of Beirut 2”


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  Thursday, January 16, 2020 - 15:36    </span>

A shock experienced by the makers of the series “Bride of Beirut” after the announcement of the death of the Syrian artist Mahmoud Bilal, one of the stars who participated in the work surprisingly.

Mahmoud Bilal

The death of the Syrian artist Mahmoud Bilal

the artist Mahmoud Bilal He died in Turkey while filming the second part of the series “Bride of Beirut” due to a sudden health crisis, many details of which were not revealed, as the artist’s health condition deteriorated rapidly and he was forced to enter a hospital in an area. OK MEYDAN“In the Turkish city of Istanbul, the doctors tried to save the artist, but the attempts to save him were unsuccessful as the late artist entered the recovery room and began his rescue efforts that did not come with a positive result.

a series

Mahmoud Bilal in the first part of the series “Bride of Beirut”

the artist Mahmoud Bilal He appeared in some scenes of the series “Bride of Beirut”, the first part, as he embodied the role of “Fawzi” in his appearance in the “Al-Daher” company, and began with the work of the series, filming the second part during the past weeks.
The artist “Beirut Bride” will participate in the championship Dhafer Al-Abidin, Carmen Baibis, Takla Shamoun, Muhammad Al-Ahmad and Alaa Al-ZoghbiThe work was written by Nadine Jaber, Bilal Shehadat and directed by Imra Kapakusak.

Series heroes

The most important works of the artist Mahmoud Bilal

The career of the Syrian artist Mahmoud Bilal began in 2004, where he presented many theatrical works that were produced in Syria in the framework of supporting young talents. His first theatrical work was entitled “Pictures”, then he participated in more than one theatrical work, including the play “Donkey and Blind”. The artist participated in many dramas, but he stressed in more than one meeting that work in the theater is the most preferred thing and sacrificed for her a lot, but he nevertheless did not stop the theatrical work, as he participated in directing some of them.Artist Mahmoud Bilal


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