“Unemployment, prices and bonuses” .. Details of the “National Wages” meeting chaired by the Minister of Planning


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Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, Chairman of the National Wages Council, Thursday, the second meeting of the Council.

“Al-Saeed” referred to the topics discussed in the first meeting of the Wages Council, which fall within the framework of the functions and powers of the Council, including the topic of unemployment at the national level, prices, the standard of living, the periodic premium for the private sector, and the formation of the internal committees of the Council represented in the Committee on Prices and Living Levels, and the Wages Committee Bonuses, and the Complaints Committee.

She explained that the Wages Council includes in its membership members by virtue of their jobs and specialties, and members of experts specializing in the labor market, unemployment, employment and wages, referring to the council’s discussion of the opinion of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and the Federation of Egyptian Industries on the minimum wages, and studying proposals and determining levels of the minimum wages.

She pointed out the importance of having criteria to determine this at the sectoral and geographical levels, in addition to discussing unemployment rates in Egypt and the factors affecting them according to the latest rates issued by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics.

The Minister stressed the importance of increasing job opportunities in sectors that have added value, which is reflected positively on the sustainability of growth rates, high rates of average per capita income.

The meeting witnessed a discussion of the formation and tasks of the three council committees, as each committee included the formation of four members by virtue of their jobs and they are ministers who are related to the tasks of the committee’s work, two members from employers ’organizations, two members from the General Federation of Egyptian Trade Unions, and experts specializing in the work of each A committee.

For his part, Rami Jalal, a ministry spokesman, said that the meeting discussed the issue of unemployment, and 4 main recommendations were outlined: reducing the total cost of transformation to the formal sector, encouraging and supporting small and medium enterprises, in addition to promoting and supporting manufacturing industries, and identifying and encouraging promising sectors To create jobs.

The speaker added that the meeting discussed several axes represented in reviewing the most important international experiences in the application of the minimum wages, and the criteria for their application from the perspective of the International Labor Organization, with the conclusion of the most appropriate and best international experience for Egypt, and the current situation in Egypt in the application of the minimum wages was also discussed, to As well as the effect of applying this limit on macroeconomic indicators and human development, which included many positive effects, the most important of which is mitigating discrimination against women in wages, reducing the level of unfairness in wages, increasing labor productivity, and encouraging enterprises with high productivity to expand and N replace installations with low productivity, while strengthening entry-income segments of households at least, improve the quality of their lives, the meeting also saw discussion of seeing the members of the Council on the periodic premium of the private sector in the light of the meeting of the committees of price and wages.

The meeting was attended by 6 ministers and representatives of the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics and the General Federation of Trade Unions of Egypt and various business unions, which includes the Egyptian Federation of Tourist Chambers, the Egyptian Federation of Investor Associations, the Management of the Egyptian Industries Union and the General Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce, as well as representatives with experience, as well as Professors specializing in the labor market, unemployment, employment and wages at Cairo University and the American University.

It is noteworthy that the first meeting of the National Wages Council was held early last November, after 6 years have passed since the last meeting of the Council, September 2013, and the National Wages Council is concerned with setting the minimum wages at the national level taking into account the living expenses and the means and measures that ensure a balance between wages and prices, and setting policies Concerning spending, consumption patterns, and the minimum and maximum wages, to infer levels and methods of living for Egyptian families, to submit proposals in this regard, to draw up national wage policies and to develop comprehensive national programs for them.

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