Unlike iron … other elements your body needs to treat anemia


Severe deficiency in red blood cellsReflects anemia, that is, anemia, and this causes a person to experience many problems in the event of a lack of attention to food quality or treatment, and many recent medical studies have revealed that iron deficiency is not the only cause of anemia, but there are many things The other one that a person is exposed to or suffers from, and this deficient element is the non-iron cause of the injury, and this is confirmed by the report published on the website “health“.

The report provided some of the nutrients that the body needs, which are one Causes leading to anemia, other than iron , Such as:

– Some people are exposed to a deficiency in the percentage of vitamin B12, which is one of the causes of anemia, because its deficiency causes an increase in the number of red blood cells to stimulate the cells of the body, and this contributes greatly to the recovery from anemia deficiency, so you should eat milk and cheese, red meat, fish, and eggs You should also eat cereals rich in this ingredient.

– Many recent medical studies have indicated that your eating of folic acid contributes greatly to strengthening and increasing the number of red blood cells and the prevention of anemia, and therefore you should increase the intake of this important component, which the body needs greatly, and therefore you should increase your intake of spinach and legumes. , And orange.

Finally, many recent medical studies have confirmed that taking vitamin C contributes greatly to strengthening the immune system, increasing the proportion of antioxidants, fighting diseases and strengthening blood, and therefore you should pay attention to this and increase the number of red blood cells and reduce anemia.


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