Update of the 11th season pubg mobile game for all Android and iPhone phones


The Buggy Mobile game has spread in the recent period in the whole world, after achieving a huge success that no competing game has been able to achieve, this game is characterized by many features that make the game more exciting and enthusiastic, and this increased to enthusiasm in the new update of the game, which is the eleventh season, which is No. 0.16.5, which was launched hours ago after the tenth season of the game ended, and this update carries many new features awaiting all players around the world.

Update mobile game Season 11 on Android phones

To get the new season on Android phones, you must make sure that there is a strong internet network, and also enough space on the phone, and in Android we need about 1 GB, and you can follow these steps to get it easily, you must first enter the Google Play store, and write the name of the game in The search bar, and when it appears to you, you must click on it to start updating to the device with ease and speed.

Update the eleventh season Bebji on iPhone phones

You must make sure of the same needs that we mentioned before on Android, which is a strong internet connection, and enough space on the device, and after that we enter the online store Play Store, and we search for the name of the game, then we enter on it and we enter to install the new season, to start to descend, and after To finish you can enter the game and enjoy it.


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