Urgent decisions of the Governor of Alexandria regarding examinations after the accident M.


04:15 PM

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Alexandria – Mohamed Amer:

Major General Mohamed El Sherif, Governor of Alexandria, issued urgent decisions to the Education Directorate to solve the problem of the delay of some middle school students, first and second grades, from the date of the exam today, due to the Muharram Bridge accident.

He directed the governor to accept the apology of the third preparatory students who were unable to enter the exam, and to allow them to enter the second semester exams supplementary with “an actual degree”.

Regarding the position of students of the first and second grades, Al-Sharif said that coordination has been made with the Ministry of Education, as it is responsible for the exams of the secondary classes, in order to calculate the second term for them with an actual supplementary degree.

The governor stressed the need to avoid any harm to students due to the Muharram Bridge accident, indicating that he directed the landing repair within 24 hours.

And fell suddenly and the collapse of a concrete slab, this morning, above the Muharram Bey Bridge in the center of Alexandria, in the direction of the Corniche, which led to traffic paralysis and partially closed the bridge in front of traffic and transportation.

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