Urgent .. Foreign Ministry summons the Turkish Charge d’Affairs because of Ankaras statements


Diplomatic sources said that the Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkish Charge d’Affairs Mustafa Kemal today, in response to the Turkish Foreign Ministry’s statements about the arrest of Turkish terrorists in Cairo.During the summons session, the Turkish Charge d’Affairs was stressed on the Egyptian rejection of the campaign of Turkish aggressive statements and statements, while reaffirming the need to respect the Egyptian laws and not circumvent or violate them.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said that the raid on Tuesday evening by the Egyptian security forces in the Anatolian Agency office in Cairo, and the arrest of some of its workers without pretext, is considered a harassment and intimidation against the Turkish press, and strongly condemns it.

Ankara called on the Egyptian authorities to release the workers of the Anatolia office in Cairo, including a Turkish citizen, immediately.

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