Urgent .. The arrest of a car driver who ran over the people of Menoufia – governorates


Security sources at the Menoufiya Security Directorate confirmed that the Shebeen Al-Koum Department Investigations, led by Major Mahmoud Al-Tabakh, the Chief of Investigations, arrested the driver of the Maliki car, which ran over the citizens on the stadium in the city of Shebin Al-Koum in Menoufia.

The sources added in exclusive statements to “Al-Watan”, that the young man who was driving the car, named Muhammad Ayman Mustafa, a student in the fourth division of the Faculty of Law, University of Menoufia, stressing that he tried to escape after being run over by a number of citizens, but the people were able to catch him, until the arrival of the forces the police.

Major General Mohamed Nagy, director of Menoufia Security, had received a notification from Major Mahmoud El-Tabbakh, chief of investigations for the Shebin El-Koum department, stating that an angel had been run over by a number of citizens, after a taxi attempt on the Stadium Street in Shebin El-Koum, where the injured were taken to the hospital.

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