Urgent .. the return of the rainy girl “Rahma” .. and the detectives reveal the details of her disappearance – accidents


A security source said that the student, Rahma, who is known in the media as Al-Matareya girl, returned to her father’s house yesterday noon. , The report of the incident was edited.

The pioneers of the social media “Facebook” and “Twitter”, last Thursday, published several posts on groups for girls, through the platforms of “social media”, uploaded pictures of Rahma, and told her in attempts to spread the matter and search for it through an expanded campaign on “Facebook” “.

Rahma Ramadan, 19, holds a diploma in commerce, is an older sister for 3 daughters, and the daughter of a simple family headed by a struggling man who works as a driver in one of the organizations. On her fiance soon, but destiny did not give her, as she left her home without return, and all means of contacting her were lost.

Her aunt, who preferred not to mention her name, recounts her mother’s collapse worried about her: “From her time, her phone closed, and she did not know anything about her. Her mother, father, and all the families took turns everywhere in the streets and hospitals. Information that cools our fire and restrains our heart. ”

Rahmas mother said to “Han”: “Her ideals are back and her father and we are all Pandora for her.” Follow-up: “My daughter is sincere diploma, and in her condition.

For his part, follow “Muhammad. M.” The maternal uncle of the girl, and the mother’s brother, the same version of her maternal aunt. This is about one of its owners, but when the phone switched off, we really did notify you.

He added: “By following his consent, the cameras are surrounded in front of homes, and stores, we see them coming out from where or when we can reach a need, but up to now there is nothing new about them.”

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