Veto gate A mother refuses to accuse her husband of sexually assaulting their daughter in Dakahlia: “His health is on his feet.”


02:34 PM – Monday, January 13, 2020

Dakahlia Security Directorate
Dakahlia Security Directorate

Major General Fadil Ammar, Assistant Minister of Interior for Dakahlia Security, had received notification from Major General Sayyid Sultan, Director of Criminal Investigation, stating that “SMA” had written a report at Minyat al-Nasr police station against “Muhammad A A,” 40 years old, and the resident of Shoubak Karash, Derb Najm, Sharqiya, husband Her sister sexually assaulted his 13-year-old daughter, FAM, resident of the village of Al-Anzal Minya Al-Nasr, Dakahlia.

By asking the girl, she confirmed that her father sexually assaulted her and that she was afraid of him, but she went to her “complainant” aunt and told her what happened and the father was called to ask him.

By asking the child’s mother, she decided that she did not want to go through legal procedures against her husband, due to his suffering from a bad health condition, a heart stroke, and a stent.

A report No. 128 of 2020, the administrative office of the Miniyat al-Nasr police station, was released, and the child was transferred to the Miniyat al-Nasr Hospital to sign a medical examination and notified the public prosecutor to conduct investigations.

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