Veto gate After “Mustafa Abu Torta” .. “Khaled Abu Fionka” invades social media


11:18 PM – Wednesday, January 29, 2020
The girl is accompanied by the young man
The girl is accompanied by the young man


Moustafa Ibrahim

During the past few hours, the name “Khaled Abu Fionka” spread among the pioneers of social media, and some pages turned his story into “comics” that were widely circulated.

The story started with a publication by A. A »in which he narrated the story of her association with a young man for a year and a half, and his sudden separation from her, on the pretext that he could no longer tolerate the nervousness she controlled during her dealings with him, to a surprise a week after their separation by announcing his engagement to another, and talking among their acquaintances with offensive words to her, according to her narration.

The story of Mustafa Abu Torah “Veto” inside the house of the groom, the hero of the escape with his cake from the engagement ceremony (video and photos)

And the girl said through her account: “Okay, Mr. Abu Eid’s group, shorter than him threatens me and says that if something descends from him, he will hide me from the face of the world. It is not enough that he lied to me a year and a text, and he understood me that I am all his life and after that he said I am shorter than I am in your love But we have to go away, Ihram, because you are nervous and monster, but I love you, of course, and they understood me that he was tired and entered the hospital because of me and I came to him, Ihram, and he went to sermons after we sat some week a week ago toIf he also talks to people with words, he doesn’t describe it. It talks about needs in my life. I really forgot about them and needs the first time I heard about them.And tell me I am the one who wronged him, he was brutal, and also threatened, he made you happy, my brother, this is of course part of what is his work, I do not know everything, I am saying that I am in your pocket.

Large segments of the girls interacted with her story and shared the story through their pages, and decided to give the name “Khaled Abu Shanab Fionka” to the hero of the story, because of their sympathy for the author of the incident.

The incident brought to mind, a similar story of a young man who was called “Mustafa Abu Tarta” by the pioneers of communication sites when he published the account of a girl in the name of “NU”, the details of the story, and he said: “I was my headquarters, so I did not know everything about Mustafa, and my engagement was on Saturday. Supposedly, we had problems like any of the two ordinary people, and I said that this happens, but what I imagine is that it happens that he is hurting me in the hall alone .. I was surprised that he did not intend his companions nor all of his relatives, and I felt in the need of mistake, even his mama and his sister are not one of them I got blessed and said I walk Today”.

She added: “All I say is where is the network that we put on it, tell me the origin of which I have sorbed the origin of which I have fallen upon .. .. Leave it after the buffet and all the words are strange so that we entered after the buffet I met his family, all of them walked .. And he said: Oh, they are tired! So his family all of them walking while I was in the hall alone, in the role of the goddess, shouting overland and saying my uncle is eye-catching and weird things like that, and I swear to God, what is understood by what is happening in one of his uncle’s eyes, his whole family is walking in the sixties, they disappeared, but they were just jogging over the forgotten eyes ».

And she continued: «And the Anil, we discovered that they took the tortoise with them, but it was not possible for them .. they took the tortoise with you, not a mesh cloth .. And before all these days, he went to the house and took the twins, I sold the village of Al-Fatihah, on the pretext that he wanted to wear me all at once in the hall, and I was in a hurry, and I agreed. One is that it will work.

The girl concluded by saying: «Now you want to say all this because? It was possible to end the favor without harming myself Leah .. It was possible to find a way to come and tell me at night we would be frustrated and I had canceled the engagement .. I did not come and dance and say your record is a surprise .. And in your intention you work in this … God suffices me and yes the agent ».

Hours after the post spread on the social media, a comment appeared from an account in the name of “Mustafa” that responds to the girl as the owner of the story, telling her that he regrets knowing it and does not regret what he did, and adds, “If I want to talk, tell the people the story from the beginning .. I regret it My time is with you, I loved you so hard, but unfortunately you do not deserve this love, and it was necessary for your end to remain. ”

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