Veto gate An Egyptian doctor was slaughtered in Libya by Erdogan’s mercenaries



Libyan media reported that an Egyptian doctor named “Mohamed Ayad” was killed in the capital “Tripoli” by terrorist militias.

According to the Libyan media, the Egyptian doctor, Muhammad Ayyad, 32, was killed by terrorist militias in Tripoli, by publishing videos of wounded Syrian mercenaries who were transferred by Turkey from Idlib to fight next to the militias of the National Accord Government.

It showed that the Egyptian perfume, Mohamed Ayyad, published a video clip during which he spoke with the wounded mercenaries in a medical clinic in Ain Zara in the capital.

Revealing that Mohamed Ayyad was kidnapped after that in Andalusia, and his body was later found without issuing any official data.

The General Syndicate of Doctors of Libya called on His official page on the social networking site “Facebook” Doctor Muhammad Ayyad, in a message of condolence issued on Wednesday afternoon without referring to his nationality, said in the statement, “The syndicate mourns Dr. Muhammad Mahmoud bin Ayyad, one of the doctors of the internal cardiac department at the Tripoli Medical Center, who was beaten by the hands of treachery and killed in cold blood after his abduction.”

The union pointed out that “his pure body was carried out after the afternoon prayer today, Wednesday, at the Al-Shweref Cemetery in the Friday Market area, behind the Al-Fateh clinic from the Shatt road.”

The General Syndicate of Physicians presented “the sincere feelings of condolences and heartfelt condolences to its people, asking the Lord Almighty to inspire them with patience and solace.”

Vito was unable to confirm the doctor’s nationality from an official source in Tripoli due to the failure of the reconciliation government under which the militia is affiliated to comment on the incident.

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