Veto gate Brutal rape … the story of a moral crime that was forcibly carried out inside an occupation army camp


06:22 PM – Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Female soldiers in the Israeli occupation army
Female soldiers in the Israeli occupation army


Mustafa Barakat

According to the Hebrew newspaper “Yediot Aharonot”, this evening, Wednesday, that an officer of Ethiopian origin with the rank of major of the Navy, raped a young Israeli woman, inside a military site belonging to his weapon, several months ago.

“Yediot” added, that the military police in Haifa arrested the officer, a daughter of a luxury, with the rank of major (24 years), and works for the Israeli navy, on charges of raping a girl inside the site of a military barracks, confirming that the officer assaulted the raped and severely beaten.

The newspaper pointed out that the officer involved in the crime, who is of Ethiopian origin, was arrested at the beginning of this week, while he is still under arrest pending an investigation into the case, noting that “a luxury” holds a certificate of military excellence from Israeli President Reuben Rivlin, in 2017 , When he was serving in the parachute weapon.

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