Veto gate Most of them are students .. The names of those injured in the Peugeot car crash in Sohag


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Archive photo

“Vito” got the names of the Peugeot 7 passenger car collision accident, and the accident resulted in the injury of 15 people with separate fractures and wounds in the front of the Nagu’a Al-Ezba bridge in the Dar El Salam Center in Sohag.

Major General Hassan Mahmoud, Director of Sohag Security, received a notification from Major General Wael Jamal, Assistant Director of Security for the Eastern Sector, stating that a collision of a minibus with a Peugeot car on the eastern agricultural highway in front of the Nagu’a El Ezba bridge in the Dar El Salam Center in Sohag.

The warden and officers of the Dar es Salaam police station moved and by examination it was found that while the Peugeot car was running, the taxi of “Hassan HA 35 years old driver” had misled the steering wheel in his hand as a result of the wrong skip and collided with the microbus of the “Hani driving and G 40 year old driver” and the children of Yahya Qebli resided in the center circle.

The accident resulted in the injury of: the first car driver, “Imad HMK”, 23 years old, a student, “Alaa HM,” 17 years old, a student, “Shehab FMH”, 15 years old, a student, “Suhair AM,” 60 years old – Housewife, “Wael PJS” 16 years old – Student, “Muhammad YM” 18 years old – Student, “Median G A” 73 years old – Worker, “Mahmoud FM” 17 years old – Student, “Mustafa GTA” 17 A year-old student, “Fathi AT,” 68, “Muhammad M. H,” 24 years old, holds a Bachelor’s degree in law, “A king of 10”, 10-year-old student, and they live in the Dar Al Salam Center department.

Also, “Rajab Khum”, 41 years old – a police corporal and resident of the Akhmim Center Department, “Mamdouh A.H” 50 years old – a worker, resides in the Al-Qusair Al-Qusair area. Sohag Center, from the two cars with separate fractures, wounds, bruises, and abrasions in the body. The injured were transferred to Dar Hospitals. Central Peace – Sohag University.

15 people were injured in a collision in Sohag

By asking the drivers of the two cars and the injured, they acknowledged the contents of the above, the effects of the accident were lifted and the cars were seized, and the necessary minutes were written and the presentation was made to the Public Prosecution to act.

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