Veto gate We publish the names of the first middle school certificate in Giza 2020


02:37 AM – Wednesday, January 29, 2020
“Veto” publishes a list of the names of the first preparatory certificate in Giza Governorate, after the Governor of Giza, Major General Ahmed Rashid of the result, yesterday, Tuesday, with a success rate of 72.8%, the result of a professional prep, 59.67%, the result of the blind with a success rate of 76.92%, and a hearing impaired result of 77.27%.

The number of the first preparatory certificate in Giza reached 47 male and female students, most of whom are affiliated with the Haram Educational Administration. The Directorate of Education in Giza Governorate announced that the Haram Educational Administration won the first rank in the result of the preparatory certificate in Giza Governorate with success rates of 81.9%, followed by the October administration with 81.3 Then Sheikh Zayed’s administration increased by 79.7%.

On his part, Khaled Hijazi, Director of the Education Directorate in Giza, stressed that the directorate was keen to correct exams on a daily basis after the exams had ended, because the result was quick, stressing that the success rate was high.

The result of preparatory certificate 2020, Giza Governorate | Management of the pyramid in first place

The preparatory certificate students finished last Thursday the first semester exams in social studies and physical education, in Giza Governorate, where 153 thousand 537 students from the preparatory certificate performed the exam in front of 615 exam committees.

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