Video .. 44 children injured due to unloading jet fuel over an elementary school


The firefighting team in Los Angeles, USA, announced that 44 students and employees were injured after unloading a plane of fuel over the school, before it made an emergency landing at the city’s airport.

The firefighting team revealed that a Boeing 777 airliner belonging to the American Delta twin-engine bound for Shanghai in China had unloaded its fuel before an emergency landing due to an engine problem.

Large quantities of fuel fell over the Kodahi Elementary School located 25 kilometers east of Los Angeles Airport, which resulted in the injury of about 20 students and 11 people, with skin irritation and breathing difficulties, in addition to injuring a number of other students in some neighboring schools.

For its part, the Los Angeles Educational District indicated that the students were in the yard when the plane emptied its fuel, and that “they may have been exposed to fuel mist or inhaled its fumes.”

The Los Angeles County fire inspector Sky Cornell said pollution had been removed from the area.

While Delta confirmed that unloading fuel is a natural procedure before an emergency landing shortly after take off in order to reduce the weight of the aircraft.

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