Video – A scathing mockery of Nour El-Ghandour after her appearance without makeup … What is the reason?


The Egyptian actress residing in Kuwait, Nour Al-Ghandour, caused a sensation on social networking sites after the spread of a new video clip that attracted the attention of a large number of followers.

She appeared in the video with a very natural look, as she indicated that she did not use filter technology, did not apply makeup, and that she relied on photography only on natural lighting.

Many comments focused on the dramatic change in its shape while noting that the reason is overrated plastic surgery.

Many activists saw that she mutilated her lips by enlarging them and came in the sarcastic comments: “After cosmetic cleaning and cyanosis they say without a filter” and “without a filter and your mother is a good father and a filler and what his weight is on you is God sustains us wellness” and “without the filter and Mick” I just thought of Botox, Filler, carving, and blowing. ”


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