Video After singing a rose … the jury competes to include a baby with milk


10:11 PM

Saturday 18 January 2020

I wrote- Bahira Foda:

Contestant Mohamed Ibrahim from Lebanon sang the song “impossible” by the late artist Warda Al-Jazaeryeh, in the third episode of the “talent discovery” program, which is shown on the screen “Mbc in the stage of sound only.”

As soon as Muhammad finished singing, the jury turned to him completely, because of his strong and distinguished voice.

Muhammad Hamaki said: “Muhammad, you are impossible, you are not with me, you are a voice of a previous age, and you did not hear anyone who is old, sings with this feeling, with honor, it is in the sound of your uniform in the Arab world.” The song, it is impossible for me not to be with me. “

Artist Assi El-Hillani said: “Oh, Mohamed Khalik.

After a great confusion for the child, Mohamed, he decided to choose the Lebanese artist Assi El-Hillani to be part of his team.

In the third season, the jury of “The voice kids” includes Lebanese artist Assi Al-Hillani, Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram, and artist Mohammed Hamaki.


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