Video .. Asala reveals the secret of losing weight in her latest appearance


01:37 PM

Wednesday 15 January 2020

I wrote – Yasmine Al-Sharqawi:

Social media pioneers shared a video of the Syrian artist Asala during the press conference held after her first concert after her separation from the director Tariq Al-Arian.

Asala expressed her dissatisfaction with the questions about quoting the idea of ​​her new clip, “Shamekh,” from one of the foreign clips, as she said: “Is it not a problem that bothered you?

In response to a question related to the new “look” and the grace with which she appeared, the Syrian artist said: “I am very weak … Diet my God.”

Asala days announced the news of her separation from her husband, director Tariq Al-Arian, after several months of rumors that followed them. And she wrote on her Instagram account: “Good morning … with great regret and sadness, I am absolutely separated from the father of my sons (Adam and Ali), and I wish everyone not to go into details, in order to ensure my feelings that perished and the feelings of my children.

Tariq Al-Aryan also published a picture that I collected on Instagram via Instagram, in which he said: “Unfortunately, we have reached the end of this chapter, and I will always love this beautiful spirit, and I always respect it, the mother of my children forever.”


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