Video Because of the $ 620 billion .. Alaa Mubarak told “Al-Maslamani”: We have mastered us, Satamouni


Alaa Mubarak commented on what was mentioned by the journalist Ahmed Al-Muslimani in a previous television episode, during which he talked about the wealth of the family of former President Hosni Mubarak, stressing that it amounts to 620 billion dollars.

Alaa Mubarak said, through his official page on the site «Twitter», Wednesday: “We have mastered you, Satamouni, we have mastered .. What we believed, we got rid of the documents and documents of the master, may God have mercy on him .. We came to us. $ 620 billion. !!.

He continued, saying: “With that, and according to Satamuni Effendi, the average share of each family remains a quarter of boiled.”

Alaa Mubarak re-published an old video by journalist Ahmed Al-Muslimani, in which he talked about the wealth of the Mubarak family.

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