Video Ghada Nafi: “The mother’s glory was severe and severe”


03:37 PM

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Books- Diaa Mostafa:

The actress Ghada Nafeh spoke about her mother during her interview on the program “Al-Sattat, which they do not know,” at a meeting last year.

She said that her mother was severe, and she did not allow her to go to the club alone, or go out with someone she did not know.

She added that Magda was always the decision maker, and there are strict rules in the home, such as sleeping early and memorialing all the time.

She indicated that her entry into the acting world was her mother’s decision, when she decided to embody the role of the mother, so she sought the help of her in the role of her daughter.

She just left our world, big star Magda Al-Sabahi, at the age of 89.

In the event of a complete collapse, her daughter, the artist Ghada Nafi, said, in a special statement to “Masrawy”, that her mother had left a while ago, and that she felt for the first time in her life that her heart almost stopped sadness.

And she continued: “My soul and my life are Mama, I am not a different one, I feel that my soul has gone to salvation, O Lord, you do not deny any of its mother.”

The star Magda Al-Sabahi, born on May 6, 1931, is one of the most important stars in the golden age of Egyptian cinema, has a large number of works, most notably: “Age is a moment, where is my age, today’s girls, and naked truth”, among others.

She also emerged as one of the most important products in the history of cinema, and presented many works, including: “Jameela, Al-Nadaha, Al-Mirage, and a type of woman”, among others.


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