Video … India is blowing up two skyscrapers for violating environmental laws


The Indian authorities in the southern state of Kerala, on Saturday, demolished two high-rise residential skyscrapers that were built on the banks of the state lake in violation of the environmental rules governing.The two luxury buildings were demolished by a “controlled” explosion within seconds, after the Supreme Court ordered their demolition, as a specialized committee found that they were built in contravention of the rules protecting coastal areas, according to the BBC.

Other high-rise buildings have been identified and will be demolished today (Sunday).

In all, about 343 apartments (comprising about two thousand people) are expected to be destroyed by the end of the week, in what has been described as one of the largest residential complex demolitions in India.

One resident said that he and his wife and children were unable to see the building the moment it was blown up because it was “a very painful moment for them as they see their dreams shattered before their eyes.” He added: “We suffer without any error.”

The Kerala Coastal Management Authority says permits to construct these high-rise buildings have been granted by local officials without their approval.

The state government has been ordered to pay a “temporary compensation” of about $ 35,000 to the affected residents, according to local media reports.


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