Video – Mai Al-Aidan mocks the daughter of Haifa Wehbe .. and attacks this star vigorously


After her defense of the actress Nancy Ajram and her husband Fadi Al-Hashem, Kuwaiti media May Al-Eidan attacked his son, Haifa Wehbe, because she took off the veil and ridiculed her in a way that some considered provocative.

May, through her account on Instagram, published a complex photo of Haifa and her beautiful daughter, commenting on her: “A recent picture of Haifa Wehbe’s daughter in the form of Angelina Jolie … This is not what I used to wear.

She also published a clip from her latest episode of “Account Statement” and directed her criticism and attack on the Saudi artist Abdulaziz Al-Dulaijan, known as “Diller”, because of the video clip in which he promoted the torture of a cat by placing it in a microwave.

She pointed out that he started well and the people loved him, but he “is now heading to the place of Mu Hassan because of his talk about his cars and money”, adding, “You must know that your money and your livelihood are from people and all that you are now with is the merit of people.”


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