Video of the two daughters of Amer Mounib, who will participate in the first movie, Yasin Ahmed El-Saqqa


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  Tuesday, January 14, 2020 - 19:50    </span>

Yassin El-Sakka, son of the artist Ahmed El-Sakka, talked about his new movie that started filming recently, and chose the name “Blue Boy” for him, and it will be shown soon.

Yassin El Sakka's picture behind the scenes

Yassin El Sakka reveals the details of his first movies

Yassin El-Sakka revealed new details about the first movie he directed, during an interview with the program “MBC Trending”, which is shown on the MBC 4 screen, where he explained that the movie “Blue Boy” deals with the idea of ​​youth addiction to contraband, especially since there are some of those close to him who suffered from these The crisis, he was trying to help them and others with this film.

He pointed out that the reason for choosing the name “Blue Boy” is due to some of the talk phrases that were said in the movie scenes, and he found it better to call it this name, and he also pointed out that the idea was taken from a movie called “Beautiful Boy” that dealt with the same idea.

Amir Muneeb’s two daughters cooperate with Ahmed El-Sakkas son

Yassin El-Saqqa also revealed that he will perform the main character in the work, in addition to the participation of some young people, including Ali Hijazi. He also revealed that Noor Amer Munib, the daughter of the late artist Amer Munib, participated by drawing the official film of the film, in addition to her sister Maryam who will also sing.

The son of Ahmed El Sakka announced during the meeting that the film will be filmed and shown in New York, and it is scheduled to be released in theaters next February.

Supporting art stars Yassin El Sakka

The young artist commented on the state of support he received from some stars such as Yusra, here Zahed, Hind Sabri, Ahmad Al-Saqa, Marwan Hamed, Muhammad Ramadan and others, who appeared in a video clip in which they supported the idea of ​​the movie, and he said: “I have a special relationship with all of them … and Marwan Hamed is the highest in Egyptian cinema, and they all liked the topic they discussed and decided to support. ”


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