Video – Rajaa Al-Jeddawi mourns herself


During a phone conversation with the Egyptian media, Mohamed Al-Ghaiti in his program “Kalam Al-Ghaiti” broadcast on Al-Hadath Al-Youm channel, the Egyptian artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi commented on a rumor that she died saying, “I am late”, adding that she feels very sad because of some hearts that carry such The things.

Al-Jeddawi said: “I am sad because of these rumors, especially as we have loads and burdens and we have no time to respond to the promotion of such rumors.” Follow-up: “I love all people and deal with our Lord before people.”

She added: “What pleasure does a person have after promoting such rumors, which have no benefit to their owner,” adding that this is the fourth time that a rumor denies her death, as if it were like cats with seven lives.

She added that she was surprised by many calls from her friends and the public to check on her and confirm the news, noting that we did not know the source of these rumors and did not care about the matter.

A message was sent on the air: “Be sure to check the reliable sources, and do not rely on the word Qalouli, or unknown sources,” stressing that it is supposed to take into account the feelings of people and their families so that they do not get sad and anxious, and we will walk in our time.


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