Video: Sadness of Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, one of the promoters of her death rumor: All life


After the news that spread widely on social media and that she spoke about the death of the Egyptian actress Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, Al-Jeddawi broke her silence and responded to these rumors in her own way.

In the details, the Egyptian media, Bossi Shalaby, published a video clip through her personal account on a social networking site, in which she appeared with a number of actresses in the house of Rajaa Al-Jeddawi. .

While Al-Jeddawi said in the video: “Life is sweet with the love of people and the sweet word. The sweet word keeps you affected, it affected all people, so leave your words sweet.”

She added: I hope those who wish evil to people will refrain, because those who say this news will come one day and others will say the same about them.



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