Video sweeps the Internet and reveals the truth of Megan Markle’s “character”


Megan Markle has faced a lot of criticism and has sparked unjustified discussions about her since she began her relationship with Prince Harry in the summer of 2016.

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Prince Harry's first statement after a crisis meeting

The British and international press have repeatedly phrased everything that the 38-year-old former US actress has done, and the social media and social media have described her behavior and behavior as “childish”, “thirsty for fame” and “vulgar”.

Last week, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their intention to give up their royal duties, sparking a new wave of online criticism, which particularly targeted Megan Markle.

Although there is a lot of negativity in the comments received after this decision, the fans of the former American actress tried to fight hatred by sharing impressive stories, photos and videos from her past.

Among these posts, an old video clip dating back to March 2016 appeared when Meghan was an actress before dating Prince Harry, who was very popular on social media after he claimed to reveal “the true type of what Megan is.”

The video shows Megan in an interview on the television series build series in New York City, about her participation in the Suits star in the role of Rachel Zan, and she continued during the meeting with a fan present in the filming site, when she was talking about social media and how it was a useful platform for her .

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The former actress can be seen during the video approaching the girl, Emily Sorelis, who receives a letter she wrote herself and then hugged.

Megan said that social media “was a great way for me to connect with people, like Emily who is here, I only know her through Twitter, and I knew it was coming because I saw it on social media.”

She added: “You will go on a trip to Costa Rica soon to do some relief work because she said that what I do at the United Nations inspired her, I wrote a letter to you and brought it with me.”

Then Megan rose from her seat and headed to the present audience to deliver the letter to Emily, who was also carrying a memo to dedicate to the American star.

Megan hugged her, saying, “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

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The video she uploaded via Twitter using the name ddarvey achieved more than 8 million views, just 5 days after its publication, and the number has reached more than 440 million views so far.

And the account holder wrote a comment attached to the video saying: “Don’t forget that Megan did this, this is the kind of character she is.”

The clip also made a great number of positive comments praising Meghan Markle, saying that she is a kind person, deeply interested in others and that she does not deserve to hate.

Emily also responded to the tweet, and posted a video through the “Tik Tok” app in which she spoke about those moments when she met the Duchess of Sussex.

Source: Mirror


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