Video .. Tamer Hosni realizes the dream of the child Haidy Muhammad and promises her to sing with him


The star Tamer Hosni responded to the girl Heidi Mohamed Talent Discoverer contest “The Voice Kids”, who expressed her wish through a video of her with “The Seventh Day” about her dream to meet the star of the generation Tamer Hosni, and take pictures with him, and as soon as the star Tamer Hosni watched the video of the child, Heidi Mohamed, he immediately responded to her request And he recorded her a special message through “The Seventh Day”, which is, as usual, “Hosni” in response to his fans and his fans, and always standing beside them.

The star of the generation said, through its message to the child, Heidi Mohamed: “How are you working, my friend, what do you love? I received the video that you requested to see me through on the seventh day. Of course, I thank them for their interest in you, and I want to tell you that your voice is very beautiful. And, God willing, you will sing with me at the nearest party, be careful with yourself, and greet me with your generous family. “

Victory of The Voice Kids Heidi Mohamed appeals to Tamer Hosni through “The Seventh Day”

The child Haydee Muhammed had appealed to the child Haydee Muhammed the Voice Kids competitor, who had emerged from the qualifiers during the past two days, the star Tamer Hosni through “the seventh day”, and sent him via a short video message that read:

“My name is Heidi Mohamed Omri, 12 years old. I was subjected to great injustice through the Voice Kids program. I presented in the program to meet the great artist Tamer Hosni, and I myself meet him seriously, and the artist Tamer Hosni is the same as me.”

Heidi continued during her video message: “By saying this during the seventh day, I thank the people who supported me, and by saying to the artist Tamer Hosni, I will see you, and I will meet you and tell you about the injustice that I have met in my life, and you will definitely feel me, because you faced my needs.”


Heidi Mohammed appeared in a program “the voice kid” Yesterday evening Saturday, she was subjected to a clear injustice from the jury of the program, she said, and although she starred in the song “This is My Night” for the East Planet, the entire jury members, singers Asi Al-Halani, Nancy Ajram and Mohammed Hamaki, did not press for the girl who won the admiration of the masses The Arab world when hearing her voice in the third episode of the program, and despite the strength of her voice, but no trainer turned to her, the child poured down in tears..

The child, Heidi Mohamed, who has a beautiful voice and upscale performance, said in a previous statement to “The Seventh Day”, commenting on her lack of selection from the members of the jury of the ” the voice kidShe was subjected to a large number of members of the committee, Assi El Halani, Nancy Ajram, and Mohamed Hamaki, pending: “The members of the committee destroyed me and suffered a great injustice. This is my night for Umm Kulthum, and I do not know why no coach chose me. “

It is noteworthy that Haidy Muhammad Zaki is from the village of Abu Masoud, located in Al-Delanjat Center, Al-Buhaira Governorate.

Heidi Mohamed
Heidi Mohamed

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