Video .. US scientists build the first robot from living cells


Scientists in the United States have been able to build the first robot using living cells, which can move towards a target, and treat itself if it is injured.

In a study published in the National Academy of Sciences journal, this living robot was programmed as a completely new and newly designed biological mechanism from start to completion..

According to the Emirati statement, scientists from the University of Vermont have managed to run an innovative algorithm program within a supercomputer or supercomputer system, to achieve a design consisting of a single cell for a frog’s skin and cells from his heart..

Then, scientists from Tufts University managed to transform the design of silicon into a living formation, through stem cells taken from the embryos of African frogs. They used precision tweezers and electrodes to assemble single cells in near-precision computer designs.

They found that the skin cells formed a more inactive structure while the cells taken from the frog’s heart, after contracting randomly, had helped them, after their regulation, to achieve forward movement based on the command or demand of the robot, allowing the robot to move on its own..

They (robots) can move in circles and collectively push spheres into a central location, describing this as “a step toward using such live robots to intelligently deliver drugs,” said Joshua Pongard, a computer scientist at Vermont University.


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