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Posted: Wednesday, January 15, 2020 – 18:37

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        The writer, Waheed Hamid, said that he was diligent in his work, was sincere in his writing, and left the rest to divine success.<p>Waheed Hamed continued, in his interview with the anchor, Yasmine Ezz on “Hadith Al-Masaa” on MBC Egypt, that people loved the films that he wrote because they found themselves in them, confirming that he learned from the late writer Abd al-Hayy Adib, and he liked the works of his fellow author Basheer Al-Deek.

Waheed Hamid added that he learns from subsequent writers and loves their works and those closest to his heart from the authors Abd al-Rahim Kamal, Tamer Habib and Nasser Abd al-Rahman, stressing that he may not help him to complete the rest of the names, but they left a mark and were distinguished by works of good literary taste

It is worth noting that the last work of Waheed Hamid TV was through the second part of the series “The Community” in 2018.

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