Video – What happens after the victim’s contact has been revealed to the clinic of Nancy Ajram’s husband 4 times?


In a progression of the investigation process, and after confirming the data of communications in the clinic of Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem, which showed the contact of the dead Muhammad Al-Musa 4 times at different times, preliminary investigations confirmed that the aim of the observation may be.

In a report to Mtv Channel, sources familiar with the investigation confirmed that the young man had already called the clinic of actress Nancy Ajram’s husband, and one of them lasted for about 2:32 minutes, not 4:30 minutes, as some claimed, but the content of the call is still unknown, and Judge Nicola Mansour asked to empty Data to know the content of the communication, especially since the clinic number is available online and available to all.

Informed sources confirmed to the channel that Al-Mousas communications were aimed at inquiring about Al-Hashem and creating information about him, and it was also found that in one of the contacts he requested an appointment for the medical examination and was recorded in the appointment program already on March 26, 2019, but when he was asked by someone calling he answered before Dentist Amin Daw, but after verification it became clear that the name of this doctor did not exist in the Dental Association in Beirut or in Tripoli.

The MTV also learned that by tracking the movement of the dead man’s phone, he was near the clinic on the day of the appointment that was set for him, and his wife was accompanying him through the geographic synchronization of the two phones.

The tracking of the dead man’s phone movement also showed that he was present once in the vicinity of Dr. Fadi’s house on 12/12/2019, and this negates what was said and confirms that he does not work for Al-Hashem or Ajram.

Data also confirmed that the dead man had never called Nancy and her husband.

The judge had interrogated Al-Hashem for 3 days and decided to release him pending the investigation, announcing a new session on the tenth of March, provided that a number of workers in the Al-Hashem clinic and his sister are called to hear their testimonies from the investigating judge.


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